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Independent Educational Psychology Consultancy

We work with children, their families and schools to make positive changes to their education and wellbeing


Valuing Minds is still open during this difficult time.
We are now able to conduct assessments remotely, and have started to do some face to face work although there are certain aspects that cannot be completed and will be done at a later date.
We are also able to speak to parents and teachers on the phone or online, and talk to children using Zoom/Skype/Hangouts. Do contact us if you have something on your mind about your child and we can help.

About Valuing Minds

Have you been involved in an EHCP appeal/ tribunal?

If so, please can I ask you to participate in a confidential 15-minute research survey about parents’ experiences of EHCP appeals and tribunals? Here is the link to the survey, which will remain open until next Wednesday 26th November:
The research is being supported by both Valuing Minds and Sunshine Support, an SEN advocacy organisation. The survey will help both organisations gain a better understanding of how parents feel about the process and the support they receive, and enable both organisations to identify ways in which support to parents can be improved.

What's on your mind?

Don't give up, I believe in you all
A person's a person no matter how small.

Dr Seuss

You're invited

As part of the The Hive Psychology Collective, I'm part of a group of independent psychologists who work together to support children, families, schools and communities.

Our aim is to support parents and carers so that they feel more confident to help their child - for some, that may be some tips to help your child to overcome some of the obstacles they may be having with school, their learning or managing their emotions and behaviour at home. For others, it's an opportunity to talk about some of the challenges of parenting during uncertain times.

We are inviting parents and carers to join us in a free confidential online discussion about these issues on a choice of 2 dates in late October.

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